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Pass: buckitup
Haven't got BuckitUp yet?
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Haven't got BuckitUp yet?
keep reading!
Download our app image for the Raspberry pi 4B here:
You are looking at the online page about buckitUp - the secure crypto-communicator, that works without the internet.

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Learn more
Roadmap for the App
Prototype Live
  • login with cryptographic key pair
  • send messages and pictures
  • chat rooms
  • automatic backup/restore all data with usb drive
  • share the acc between devices
New interface with design
  • download & upload the private key
  • logout
  • deleting & editing own massages
  • group chats with privacy options
  • requests & invites
  • feed of the users actions
  • multiple files & media upload
Admin options
  • change WiFi SSID & password
  • add admins
  • remove users & rooms
  • download full backup
  • dump device log
Optimization and media
  • CRDT to control the feed sync
  • timestamps for reference only
  • support for video
  • images gallery view
  • database split for the stable multiuser experience

  • we are here

  • multiple download
  • show free/used space ref. for admins
  • global upload queue with priorities
UI improvement
  • share messages
  • temporary links to content (for events)
  • citations
  • automatic all files suction from recorders
  • smart sync among BuckitUp devices
Improved trust & security
  • client-side encryption/decryption
  • crypto certificate checkup upon login
  • verifying clients to use the secure login option
  • handshakes & verified contact lists
  • public personal certificates on devices & rooms
  • trast metric
  • multi profile & switching identities
  • mesh networking
  • support for external networking hardware (antennas etc..)