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You are looking at the online page about BuckitUp - the safe crypto-ecosystem, that works without the internet.

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the Raspberry pi 4B here:

Why you should know and use BuckitUp

Encryption out of the Box

All your drives and backups encrypted and reliable at all times

Backups automated

Backup drives automatically synchronised, preserving access rights

Proof of humanity (DID)

Client-side platform independent human identities

Data Sovereignty

Resilient against breaches, shutdowns, censorship, and deplatforming

BuckitUp provides the asynchronous distributed messenger-like platform, based on Raspberry Pi. It runs with the client side cryptographic indentities and supports self hosted, decentralized, encrypted, data communication and backups. It doesn't rely on timestamps, consensus, and the internet.

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Build Your
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Community Locally

Support stable community concentration on your food place and run your local content distribution platform

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People in your local de-centralised hub


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Powered by BuckitUp

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Empowered to establish your data & content monetization

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Roadmap for the App

Prototype Live

  • login with cryptographic key pair
  • send messages and pictures
  • chat rooms
  • automatic backup/restore all data with usb drive
  • share the acc between devices

New interface with design

  • download & upload the private key
  • logout
  • deleting & editing own messages
  • group chats with privacy options
  • requests & invites
  • feed of the users actions
  • multiple files & media upload

Admin options

  • change WiFi SSID & password
  • add admins
  • remove users & rooms
  • download full backup
  • dump device log

Optimization and media

  • CRDT to control the feed sync
  • timestamps for reference only
  • support for video
  • images gallery view
  • database split for the stable multiuser experience
  • multiple download
  • show free/used space ref. for admins
  • global upload queue with priorities

UI improvement

  • upload manager
  • smart sync over the USB
  • temporary links to content (for events)
  • automatic all files dump from recorders
  • community secret backup
  • key management from the landing
  • digital document management (with sensors)
  • we are here
  • share messages & citations
  • buckitup hosted apps (e.g.
  • client-side (mobile) apps auto-sync

Trust & security

  • data anchoring in blockchain
  • client-side encryption/decryption
  • handshakes & verified contact lists
  • trust lists sharing mechanics
  • upend only data structure
  • "notifications" on demand
  • trust metric


  • multi profile & switching identities
  • internet tunneling
  • wifi mesh networking sync between buckitups
  • support for external networking hardware (antennas etc..)
  • content distribution certificates on a blockchain
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