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Affiliate Program

Deploy BuckitUp - your personal server on premises, here is how and why:

Deploy BuckitUp personal server on your premises, and engage with it by creating marketing activities:
  1. loyalty program
  2. limited time / special offers
  3. cumulative discounts
  4. monitoring automations
  5. 🎉 and more - we will help you with everything!
Advertise the platform among your audience on prem. and social media and get rewarded!
  1. create regular socials posting reflecting the use of platform
  2. adjust to our SMM campaigns
  3. showcase and expand applications
  4. point out the advantages of being off grid.

Get rewarded from the first steps

Collect BuckitUp weekly affiliation fees - €10-50

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Get others involved and grow mutual promotion
  1. grow traction by expending the autonomous data affiliation together with other businesses
  2. get rewarded with the additional €100 partner affiliation fee for every new BuckitUp contract lead

Get data analytics done for you

We provide FREE analytics on you locally gathered anonymized dataset  for the first 1000 data points

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The affiliation starts by obtaining BuckitUp initial installation, have a look at the cost: